Friday, December 7, 2012

Oil replacement in the Kia Sorento engine of 3 videos

On the example of this video, we will consider how to replace oil in the Kia Sorento engine crankcase with the 3 hands. For a start we hoist the car, we remove protection of a crankcase of the engine of our Kia Sorento 3 and we turn off the old oil filter. We pour oils in the new filter and we fasten into place. Now we unscrew a drain plug. We expect when all old oil, in previously prepared capacity will flow down. When engine oil flew down, we insert into place a drain plug and we fill in new oil. Level it is small it is controllable a probe. On questions available for you on replacement of the oil filter and oil in the Kia Sorento 3 engine most the lesson offered below video will give answers.

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